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Welcome! These pages are all about the Kelsey Westman brand, and how you can achieve looks you always wanted! If you hoover over this tab, you will find different categories. If you want to check out the ingredients that are in the KWB products then please click on Ingredients. Under this tab you will find my cruelty-free and vegan information, along with the Store FAQ! Thank you!

Getting in Touch

If you are wanting to contact Kelsey, please go to the top of the page under Contact. I would love to hear from you whether you’re just saying thanks or if you’re having difficulties or questions about the products. If you want to e-mail Kelsey directly then please e-mail [email protected] If you want to book an appointment, please refer up to the top under the category, “Services” and click the tab Book NowThank you for your time and interest in Kelsey Westman Beauty!

About Kelsey Westman

Hello, my name is Kelsey Westman. I have recently started my company which was formally known as Belle Moi. I have always been inspired by the beauty industry to reach out men and women to help them build self-confidence. I have completed my Associates of Science in Business Technologies from Western Nebraska Community College, and my Esthetics Degree from Capitol School. My friend and I have opened our own suite at Salon Suites, 184 & West Center. I am super excited to take appointments starting January 2nd, 2017. You can book online or call 308-250-1178. Since I was born in Nebraska, and being 18 years old when starting, the resources I had and still have in the cosmetic industry are very limited, but that didn’t stop me from being able to bring gorgeous high quality makeup to everyone around the world at an affordable price!

Welcome to the KWB Family

My company is now focused on one thing, confidence. My recent products, some which are still being sold are made by my manufacturing team, however, I wanted to get more involved with the products, so I created the Confident Collection. Instead of letting cosmetic chemists choose how the products are made, I took matters into my own hands and am creating a whole new line of cosmetics. These cosmetics are for women of all ages and with all skin types. I wanted my products to be healthy for skin while still looking amazing. My products are always cruelty and made from fruit and plant extracts, vitamins, minerals, essential oils and other naturally-derived ingredients. My brand also takes pride in the fact that we sell affordable makeup that is high quality. The ultimate goal of my company is to grow and be a top selling makeup company who can meet the needs of all women and all skin types, that sells natural healthy products with skin care benefits that is high-quality yet affordable!