Monday Must-Haves!

Good morning!….or evening 😉 I am super excited to be sharing with all of you some of my Monday Must-Haves! These are the products that I have been absolutely loving, and when you get them, it will make your Monday 100 times better! Let’s get started!

  • Invisibobble Hair Ties– I’m not kidding, these are all I use! I remember going through a phase where I only wore those flat hair ties….not anymore! I have one of these in my hair as we speak. It is awesome because they come in threes! I always get the joke that it’s like a manager key holder or a telephone cord, but I don’t even care, they are the bomb! When I pull it out of my hair it doesn’t get stuck and it doesn’t yank my hair out with it. It also shrinks back to it’s original size, which is amazing! I had to give one to my sister because she was begging me for it -__- so I highly recommend these! You will love them! P.S. check out how I forgot to take it off my wrist for my Confidence Eyeshadow photoshoot lol!

  • GrandeLips Clear Lip Plumper– This has been my ride or die, go to lip product for a good hot minute now! Obviously, it is not going to give you Kylie Jenner lips….but it will plump them a good amount. I’m not crazy about big lips, but I love that it has made it easier for me to line my lips! So if you are like me and struggle with the edges and feel like no matter how hard you try to over line that it just looks off, then give this a try because it will help!
  • Rhinestone Clutch- I cannot get over the diamond rhinestone clutch my sister got me for my birthday from Charming Charlie. I get so many complements on it too! If you are over the top like me, then you will probably use it as a wallet like I do :S I just can’t do a small purse! I also ordered a clear card holder from Amazon to put in it. I can’t find it online but I know they have it in stores!

  • White Eyeliner- There isn’t a specific brand that I love, but white eyeliner has been my go to lately. I have been placing it on my bottom lash line and I love it! Jennifer Love Hewitt has this look every episode of Criminal Minds and I immediately fell in love. It just helps me to create a bigger eye effect and I love it!
  • Smoothies!- I know this seems crazy, but smoothies have been my go to snack or breakfast for about a month. I have tried to just buy a smoothie from Starbucks or Scooters but I am never as satisfied. Here is my recipe guideline, definitely change it up depending on what you like. Milk or almond milk, blueberries, strawberries, bananas, yogurt (I also do vanilla) and a little heavy whipping cream if I want it thicker. The taste is going to depend on how much of the fruit you put in and if the fruit is sweeter or not. I also do one banana and a like half the cup of strawberries. I have an individual blender, so my amount are like a tall drinking glass or a Medium cup at a fast food place.
  • Journaling- Lately I have been obsessed with journaling. Almost every morning (some are better than others) I try journal (I have a big one from Walmart). What I do is read my bible and then journal important verses and then about my day or how I’m feeling. Journals help me to release a lot of different emotions. I journal whenever I am feeling depressed or have some exciting news to share. It is crazy how much it truly does help me. I really recommend getting one and sticking to it. It is hard to try to get in the routine, but it makes the world of a difference.

Those are my Monday Must-Haves! I know it is a random mixture of things, but these have truly been my go to’s lately. I have been using and doing these things for months now. Let me know in the comment section what your Monday Must-Haves are!

xoxo Kelsey

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