Kelsey Westman Beauty Spa Loyalty Rewards Program

I am so thrilled to have each of you as a client. I just want to thank you and reward each of you for your loyalty and support. My goal is to create the most relaxing and excellent experience every time you come to visit me. That is why I am introducing the KWB Spa Loyalty Rewards Program! I want each of you to know how thankful I am to have such amazing clients!

Starting January, 2 2017 everyone is automatically enrolled. There are no cards to keep track of! For every 1000 points you accrue, you will receive $100 in rewards you can use on services or products at your next visit. Any remaining points after you use 1000 points will remain in your rewards account to put towards earning your next 1000 points. The following is how you earn points:

  • Services (for each $1 spent) = 1 point
  • Products (for each $1 spent) = 1 point
  • Reserve your next appointment = 100 points

**you receive the 100 points for reserving your next appointment when you keep and receive your previously booked appointment.

Be on the lookout for extra rewards on certain products/services or days when double rewards are offered!